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Hub knife 270 degrees one-time grinding, no mark, this grinder can
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CGMT 2020 exhibition effect exceeded expectations

Zhejiang Taixing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing), located in Hall 2.1, is a manufacturer specializing in tool grinder and special CNC blade grinder.


At the exhibition site, the metal processing reporter had the honor to interview the general manager of the company, Ms. Yu Haiyan.

General Yu introduced to reporters that Taixing Intelligent manufacturing as a new player in the field of tools and blade grinder, how quickly in the hub knife grinder and other subdivision of the field to open the situation, how to integrate the company's internal and external resources, layout of the domestic and international markets.

Even major emergencies such as COVID-19 did not stop the rapid development of Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing.

The picture

Yu Haiyan general manager interviewed by reporters

Because of the impact of the epidemic, the exhibition failed to physical display of the company's flagship product TX-MF270 hub knife grinder, but Yu said that the overall exhibition effect made her very satisfied.

Because Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing is still in the stage of rapid improvement of brand and business scale, before the outbreak of the epidemic, Yu Zong has drawn up intensive domestic and foreign exhibition plans. The effect of this exhibition makes the company full of confidence in the market development in the second half year.

TX-MF270 breaks the production mode of fractionally connected tool

Special grinding machine for hub knife

In recent years, the manufacturing market continues to be depressed, especially the automobile industry is declining significantly. Under such a severe economic situation, how to reduce costs and increase revenue has become a problem that all enterprises have to face.

For automobile parts manufacturing enterprises, processing costs and cutting tool costs occupy a large part of the product manufacturing costs, reducing these two costs is undoubtedly the best way to reduce product manufacturing costs.

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TX-MF270 special grinding machine for hub knife

Wheel tool is an indispensable and efficient tool in the process of producing automobile wheel. However, the finishing of this kind of tool relies heavily on imported peripheral grinder, which leads to the high cost of tool production, which greatly affects the survival and development of related enterprises.

Based on this market background, TX-MF270 grinder, a special equipment for hub tool grinding, has been developed by Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which breaks the traditional production mode of fractional grinding and realizes the one-time grinding of hub tool at 270 degrees.

And can take into account the ordinary R Angle grinding, suitable for the mass production of blades.

The processing precision has reached the advanced level of the imported peripheral grinder, and the production cost and processing time have been significantly reduced.

The picture

Machining effect of common domestic hub cutter

(Two times of grinding to form a circle, there are obvious knife marks, affecting the processing accuracy)

The picture

MF270 grinding effect

(Disposable grinding 270°, no mark, to ensure the roundness of the product)


Accumulate over a long period of time

The rapid development of Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd is nothing more than a gradual accumulation.

Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded not long ago, but Yu Zong himself in the grinder industry for more than 30 years, from the technical basis to manufacturing strength, from research and development production to sales, Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd has a deep accumulation.

In recent years, Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., based on the advanced foreign production management mode, aims at the customer demand and pursues the design and manufacturing concept most suitable for the customer's use demand.

Adhere to technological innovation, excellence, continuous improvement, independent research and development of hub tool grinder, CNC super hard tool grinder, automatic chamfering machine and blade slotting machine and a series of products, quickly obtained the leading position in the grinding tool equipment market.

At the exhibition site, through the communication with Yu Zong, the reporter could deeply feel Yu Zong's dedication and love for the manufacturing industry.

After accepting the reporter's interview, the total yu rushed to Guangzhou on the afternoon of the local customer scene, on-the-spot understanding of the needs of users.

For Yu Zong, it is a normal life to move between enterprises, exhibitions and customer sites.

Even for the needs of foreign customers in Southeast Asia, Russia, Germany and so on, Yu Zong is also used to visit the scene in person to understand what pain points and confusion customers have.

It is this kind of accumulation that makes Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing able to accurately grasp the market trends, carry out targeted research and development, and quickly get the first chance.

YuZong to Taiwan star smart positioning is very clear, that is for blade grinding finishing production enterprises provide overall solutions, especially for diamond, CBN, PCBN super-hard cutting tool grinding, provide from equipment research and development to line integrated set of complete solutions, help tool production enterprises to improve production efficiency and processing quality, reduce production costs.

We believe that Taixing Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be able to develop more excellent high-end grinder products in the future and make its own contribution to the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.